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What we are building with you


Local Net Zero Team

We have established and are growing a dedicated Local Net Zero team to help Local Authorities and local stakeholders to support their local Net Zero plans using our three-tiered support approach.


Open Data Portal

We opened up access to the specific datasets needed to support your most pressing local Net Zero planning challenges and launched a dedicated Local Area Energy Planning page on our open data portal.


Your Local Net Zero Hub

We are developing free online energy planning tool ’Your Local Net Zero Hub’ through our innovation project Collaborative Local Energy Optimisation to help Local Authorities and local stakeholders make the best placed based decisions.


Towards a Net Zero future

We share insights and forecasts of Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs) in our Distributed Future Energy Scenarios (DFES) publication, in which we collaborate with stakeholders to understand how the energy system might look by 2050.



We're creating new revenue opportunities for local authorities and residents through Flexibility, enabling homes and businesses to adjust electricity usage to support networks, earn payments, and facilitate low carbon technology connections. This also allows local authorities and energy users to participate in our flexibility tenders, receiving financial incentives for shifting energy use away from peak times.

What organisations are saying

Lynne McDonald

Head of Local Net Zero at UK Power Networks, DSO

Message from Lynne McDonald

Local authorities have a crucial role to play in enabling the UK economy to transition to Net Zero. UK Power Networks is committed to supporting you. By talking to our colleagues in local government we learned that there are three main challenges facing them in the journey to cutting local carbon emissions:

  • Access to resources, expertise, and funding
  • The ability to access data
  • Capability in analysis and spatial mapping.

UK Power Networks is responsible for making sure the electricity network we own and operate is Net Zero ready for Local Authorities. This is why we have established a dedicated Local Net Zero team.

Our Local Net Zero team is here to support you. We encourage you to get in touch as early as possible. By coming together as early as possible and being open and collaborative we can help you realise your Net Zero ambitions.

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